L'Étape Slovenia

7 & 8 September 2024

7 & 8 September 2024

Details of the event 2024 will be announced in the coming months.

Festival of a sporting challenge and a touristic adventure

L’Étape Slovenia is the official Tour de France event in Slovenia and represents personal sporting challenge and touristic adventure in green Slovenia.

2nd edition L’Etape Sovenia will take place in Kranj, September 2-3, 2023. Registrations to the 2nd edition of Sunday’s Ride and Race at L’Etape Slovenia are open. Ride with us on Sunday Sep 3, 2023! Register HERE.

L’Étape Slovenia is run under full Tour de France professional conditions and with world-class mechanical support. L’Étape Slovenia is a competitive event for amateur riders, while also providing a safe and enjoyable traffic-free riding environment for others who would like to feel green Slovenia and complete the magical course. The Municipality of Kranj is going to be the host city together with Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj (Visit Kranj) for the Slovenian first edition of L’Etape by Tour de France. The city itself takes pride with rich road cycling tradition and cycling living-legends such us Matej Mohoric, Tadej Valjavec, Franci Hvasti, to name few.

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L’Étape Slovenia 2022 (September 3rd and 4th, 2022)

September 3rd and 4th, 2022 the L’Etape by Tour de France experience will take place for the first time in Slovenia. All participants at the 1st edition of the L’Etape Slovenia recreational cycling event in Kranj on 4 September 2022, over a longer or shorter distance, will receive a cycling jersey of the top and globally renowned brand Ale by paying their entry fee. More: https://slovenia.letapebytourdefrance.com/


Flower of Cycling Routes around Kranj

We invite you to join a group cycling training for the L’Etape Slovenia event, which will take place in the surroundings of Kranj on the Flower of Cycling Routes around Kranj:

  Read more about the six Saturday cycling get-togethers for six-stage cycling trips here.