Would you like to know what’s served at the tables in Kranj? Well, there is plenty: as there are many restaurants and pubs in Kranj, you can taste traditional dishes, attend events for foodies and much more. On Saturday, 26 August 2023, the Open Kitchen street food festival (Odprta kuhna) will be visiting the Gorenjska region for the first time! Soon after (Thursday, September 7), the Kranj Long Table will unfold in the Khislstein castle courtyard.

Let yourself be seduced by the wonderful flavours that await you in Kranj.

Food events

Do you like culinary events that combine fun get-togethers with excellent food? Then you have come to the right place, because in Kranj we are happy to offer you just that.

Kranj Long Table

Already twice before, in 2021 and 2022, at the end of summer, Kranj chefs have organised a dinner for 100 guests in the garden of the Khiselstein Castle. The Long Table focuses on local ingredients, networking among Kranj chefs, social awareness, intergenerational cooperation, short supply chains and self-sufficiency.

It’s Friday already!

From May to September, weekends are the time for relaxed get-togethers to the sounds of various musicians. But that’s not all: on Friday afternoons (between 5 and 10 p.m.), the main square offers seasonal fruit and vegetables and a wide variety of deliciously prepared dishes.

Day of Local Delicacies

At the end of summer, a traditional market takes place in Brdo pri Kranju, where the delicacies of producers from the Gorenjska region are presented. At the stalls you can taste and buy homemade products and enjoy dishes from local ingredients prepared by Slovenian chefs.

Tasting at Kranj tables

As in other parts of Gorenjska, Kranj will also hosts a culinary event that lasts several days and can be experienced in various restaurants. During this time, the chefs prepare menus the same price, focusing on ingredients from local producers.

Sausage and Beer Day

In autumn, the Carniolan Sausage and Beer Day takes place at the square in the middle of the old town of Kranj. There, you will be able to taste various dishes with Carniolan sausage and a selection of beers from smaller and larger breweries.

Wine Route

In a unique place, in the tunnels under the old town of Kranj, winemakers from all Slovenian wine-growing regions present wines on the last two weekends in November. The former air-raid shelters are transformed into the longest wine cellar in Gorenjska, and the wines are complemented by cheese, meat products and baked goods.

On September 7 the Khiselstein Castle garden will be occupied by the Kranj Long Table. Who will cook everything for a hundred guests? And what else will delight gourmets in Kranj this summer?

Markets, shops and farms

In Kranj and its surroundings there are several markets where you can buy seasonal products from Slovenian farmers. We also present here a selection of shops and farms where you can buy home-made products.


The market in the town is busiest on Saturdays, in the village of Stražišče it is market day every second Friday of the month, and in the village of Mavčice every fourth Friday of the month. There is also the centipede’s market, Stonogina tržnica in Predoslje.

Shops at farms

At the farms around Kranj, locals like to buy eggs, potatoes, vegetables such as sauerkraut, seasonal fruit, a few litres of milk, home-made cured meats ... Most of the farms mainly offer their own products, but some of them now also have shops with a larger selection.

Shops with home-made products

Did you know that there are several shops in Kranj where the kind-hearted owners (who are often also the sellers) lovingly put selected products of Slovenian farmers and other local producers on their shelves?

On Saturday, 26 August 2023, the street food event Open Kitchen, Odprta kuhna, will be visiting the Gorenjska region for the first time!

VIDEO: Kranj Long Table

The gourmet experience focused on the finest of Kranj’s restaurateurs and local suppliers.


Check out some photo highlights of events in Kranj that are all about delicious food and meeting people.

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