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Green sparks for sustainable living

Green sparks for sustainable living

“The renowned climatologist Lučka Kajfež Bogataj is the ambassador for a green and sustainable environment in Kranj.”

Kranj is surrounded by nature. It is the only town in Slovenia from which you can see the Triglav, Stol and Grintavec mountains, the highest peaks of the three mountain ranges in the Slovenian Alps, and it is also the only town with a 30-meters-deep canyon in its centre, the gorge of the Kokra River. That is why people from Kranj like to say that we have one foot in the city and the other one in nature. We value our town and its centre that has been protected as a cultural monument since 1983 and we love the green nature that surrounds us, so every day, a sustainable attitude and a green orientation are our guiding principles.

We are aware of the danger of climate change, as the Alpine area is warming significantly faster than the global average and tourism here is particularly sensitive to climate change. Summers are getting hotter and hotter here too, snowstorms are more frequent and stronger, and there is less and less snow in winter. The composition of our forests is changing. In the future, rising air temperatures will depend on our success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to which we are determined to contribute responsibly.

We set the basic guidelines with the document Sustainable Urban Strategy 2030, which defines our city as a sustainable urban center of Gorenjska. Since we are and want to remain a clean, healthy and safe city, here are some green sparks with which you can also contribute to our efforts.