Experience Kranj, the European Destination of Excellence 2023

Welcome to Kranj! Halfway between Ljubljana and Bled, you’ll find a charming city that offers you the best of both worlds – tranquillity of nature and a culturally rich city centre.

Take a walk through autumn-coloured forests, along riverbanks or through the streets of the city centre with their 6000-year-old stories – Kranj’s duality of Alpine flair and urban flaire offers something for everyone.

In Kranj, autumn is the time to explore the magic of nature, the treasures of a rich cultural heritage and many events that offer a wonderful break for both first-time visitors and those who love to return.

Destination Kranj is the proud holder of the platinum label of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism and the European Destination of Excellence 2023 title.

We invite you to enjoy an autumn break and some cultural inspiration in the embrace of the Alps.

Kranj explored

Get a closer feel of the urban flaire on regular guided tours of this city that stands on a rock, taking you on a walk through museums and galleries. Our guides tell you fascinating stories and show you hidden gems to make your visit to Kranj truly special..

VIDEO: Tasting at Kranj Tables

At the event Tasting at Kranj Tables, six caterers prepared menus at a single price, focusing on local ingredients.

VIDEO: Andrej and Marija Štremfelj

Experience the hills and mountains with the mountaineering legends Andrej and Marija Štremfelj, the first married couple to climb the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.