The capital of the Slovenian Alps

The city has been in a strategic position for thousands of years. Located between two rivers on a conglomerate rock beneath the Alps, it has always been a lively centre where diverse ethnic groups would meet and later also people of various nations from all over the world.

These encounters have influenced the architecture, the transport links and the temperament of Kranj. This is why Kranj is today still the capital of the Gorenjska region and the starting point for discovering all of it. Only 30 minutes drive towards southeast is the romantic capital Ljubljana and in 20 minutes by car to the northwest you can reach the fairy-tale world of Bled.

Kranj is also the only town in Slovenia from which you can see Triglav, Stol and Grintavec, the highest peaks of the three mountain ranges in the Southern Alps. You can experience the mightiness and the special character of each of them with the help of experienced guides or you can also just admire them from afar. With its alpine scenery of these three kings among the two-thousand-metre mountains, Kranj the capital of the Slovenian Alps.

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Photo author: Luka Dakskobler