Alpine air. City flair.

This is the story of Kranj, the city built on a rock. In this capital of the Gorenjska region, all that is modern mixes with tradition and that which is urban is combined with the fresh countryside air from the Alps. From Kranj, you can have the view of Triglav, Stol and Grintavec, the highest peaks of all three Alpine chains in Slovenia..

Spend a city weekend with some Alpine charm or visit us for your Alpine holidays with some city flair.


City weekend in Kranj

During the day, you can enjoy the views of greenery all the way to the Alps, and in the evenings, there’s the Cheerful Summer in the old streets and at the Khislstein open-air stage. Kranj is like a large amphitheatre surrounded by mountains where everything sounds good, from jazz to blues, from Slovenian chansons to rock, from musicals to classical music. When you book an overnight stay in Kranj, you receive a package of surprises that include a free guided tour of the charming city centre and a tour of the Tunnels under old town of Kranj. A weekend in Kranj is always full of experiences, concerts and events.


Eva, Rok and their little Zala were serious about enjoying Alpine air with city flair. They took the goats Miloš and Berta from the Vogar farm at Babni vrt near Kranj for a walk around the city. It was a Friday, so they could buy fruit and vegetables at the market.

Check out the programme of the Cheerful Summer. Graffiti gives this city its special taste. Eva joined Andrej and Gregor from the Bend Over swing band for a spontaneous concert.

In Kranj, you can get some freebies for an overnight stay. If you book a night here, we offer you many free tours and experiences.

Alpine vacation in Kranj

Kranj is an alpine town and you can feel this in summer as well as in winter. Our mountaineering stars are Andrej and Marija Štremfelj, the first couple in history to climb the Mt. Everest together and they are always have one foot in the city and the other one already in nature. The only thing that separates the city centre from the green countryside is the bridge high above the Kokra River, the second highest canyon in a European city. On your alpine holiday with some city flair, you can go on hiking and cycling adventures during the day and enjoy the events and concerts of the Cheerful Summer in the evenings. Marija and Andrej can take you to the two thousand metre peaks. The locals like to discover the beauties around Kranj all the way to the Brdo estate with rented bicycles and e-bikes. Tickets to Brdo Park and bicycle rental are free if you book an overnight stay in Kranj this summer.

Eva, a music teacher, simply walks across the city with her hiking boots. The mountains in Kranj are close enough to enjoy the view or to visit them.

Marija and Andrej Štremfelj, world-renowned mountaineers and popular mountain guides, sometimes think about finding new climbing routes right here, in the middle of the city.

Prešeren’s City and Cheerful Summer

There’s someone who is always present with the people of Kranj. France Prešeren, a giant among European poets. He’s the author of the words about friendship between nations that were chosen to be the Slovenian anthem. Being a lawyer and poet, he often had to walk the line between opposites, and this is something typical of Kranj. We invite you experience this in the tour called heads or tails, Cifra al´ mož. Together we will toss a coin and have fun with the play of opposites.

There is quite a scene in Kranj

Every Friday we say “It’s already is Friday” and people come to the Main Square. There are stalls with street food, specialties from local restaurants and treats for foodies. The nostalgic truck from the old Slovenian factory Tam is called Franz and Joseph and this is where Marko Arvaj skilfully serves authentic Carniolan sausages, so this is a perfect day for the start of the weekend.

Welcome to Kranj, get the true feeling of Alpine air combined with city flair.