The town of Prešeren

The old town of Kranj is one of the most charming centres in Slovenia. On every step you can feel the fondness towards culture and tradition. In the many interesting personalities left its mark on the town during its rich history of six thousand years, among them also the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren.

In Kranj there is hardly a corner that would not bring back the memory of this famous poet, a great cosmopolitan and philanthropist who introduced the pan-European spirit of the romantic era to Slovenia. His poem Zdravljica (A Toast) that was later chosen to be the Slovenian national anthem praises the friendship between all nations.

Embark on the path of the poet and visit the sights that he inspired:

1. Gallery of the Prešeren Award Laureates and Prešeren Theatre

The Pavšlar house hosts the prestigious Gallery of Prešeren Award Laureates. Its exhibitions present the works by artists who have been awarded the highest Slovenian prize for visual arts. So it offers the best insight into contemporary art in this country. In its vicinity is the Prešeren Theatre which is famous for its outstanding ensemble and socially engaged performances.

2. Prešeren’s House and Prešeren Grove

The poet lived in Kranj in the mid-19th century. The best way to get to know him is to visit the house where he lived and where the original furniture is still preserved. His final resting place is now a memorial grove, where you can see also the monuments to other well-known Slovenes. The mood in that park is very relaxed and calming.

3. Prešeren’s rose

Did you know that the first Slovenian rose with a registered and protected name – Rosa Prešeren – grows also in the Prešeren grove in Kranj? After many years of crossing different types of roses, it was created by the writer Dr. Matjaž Kmecl. In 2013, it was first planted in Prešeren’s home village of Vrba and in 2017, it found its home also in Kranj. The large flowers of the shrub rose have pink petals with white shades and brown tints on the edges.

4. Kranj Town Library

The verses of Prešeren in his characteristic writing can be seen on the glass façade of the library. It is something like the living room of Kranj and you can spend the whole day here. In addition to the large selection of books and magazines, there is also the opportunity to surf the internet, watch movies or listen to music in a special room. The modern architecture of this Globus building is also interesting, designed by the famous architect Edvard Ravnikar.

Shush, an insider tip!

Follow your heart → Near the Prešeren grove is a small, but a very attractive piece of nature – a garden that simply has to be discovered!

Image authors: Andraž Muljavec, Fotomorgana