Destinations nearby

Wherever you are in Slovenia, Kranj is always close to you. And vice versa – it will take you just a few moments to get from the heart of the Gorenjska region to Ljubljana, to other picturesque medieval towns such as Škofja Loka, Radovljica and Kamnik, to the beaches of Bled and Bohinj lakes, to the friendly embrace of the Jezersko mountains or to the sports of Kranjska Gora..


The capital of Slovenia is like a big sister of Kranj and only a 30-minute drive away. You can take the train or the bus and experience the green capital of Europe of 2016. The poet France Prešeren played an important role in the cultural history of Ljubljana, just like that of Kranj. The architectural character of the town in the 20th century was shaped by Jože Plečnik, who in many ways influenced the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Lake Bled

The idyllic lake with the only Slovenian island is a pearl in the heart of the Julian Alps. In the summertime, it is so inviting to walk around it, ride a carriage or row the traditional boat (Pletna) to the small island, where you can ring the bell and express a secret wish. From the castle the top of the rock, there is a magnificent view over the lake. There is a lot of opportunity for golfing, hunting, fishing or mountaineering. All the beauties of this place can best be enjoyed by sitting in one of the cafes on the shore and treating yourself to the typical cream cake. The beautiful natural spectacle can be reached from Kranj in half an hour by bus or train.

Lake Bohinj

The largest natural lake in Slovenia, surrounded by high Alps, that has been named the European destination of excellence even by Lonely Planet. In summer, you can walk to the Savica waterfall or around the lake, hike to the beautiful Triglav Lakes, swim in the lake, fish or kayak. The beautiful natural spectacle can be reached from Kranj in half an hour by bus or train.

Kranjska Gora

The sports centre for world champions of skiing, ski jumping and mountaineering offers record-breaking and memorable experiences for all ages and in every season. At the Planica ski jumps, you can see ski jumpers, try cross-country skiing or the zipline to race through the air. In the summer, the ski slopes turn into cycling and hiking trails and the Jasna lake offers a pleasant and refreshing relaxation.


A unique location of the mountain valley, the hospitality of the people here, local specialties that have grown out of this earth, the high quality of accommodation and the friendliness of the hosts are the main reasons why anyone would like to spend their holidays in Jezersko. Experience this fascinating nature through sports such as mountaineering and cycling, by getting to know the work on a farm, spending time with locals and their animals, traditional crafts or by preparing the treats of local cuisine with your own two hands.

Škofja Loka

You can reach this charming town by train, bus, car or bicycle from Kranj. Families with children can cycle without difficulty for less than an hour across the wide fields, past pastures and farms. Škofja Loka is home to a thousand faces of cultural heritage. The castles, important churches and monuments speak of this. There will always be yet another destination to explore!

The verses of the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešern are written in the poet’s characteristic font on the facade of the Kranj City Library, which has become the living room of Kranj. You can spend the whole day here. In addition to a large selection of books and magazines, you can surf the web for free and visit the movie and music room. The modern architecture of the library in the Globus building, designed by the famous architect Edvard Ravnikar, is also attractive.

Image authors: Jošt Gantar / STO, Bogomir Košir / arhiv Turizem Kranjska gora, Tomo Jeseničnik / STO