Sustainable Kranj

Kranj is proud to have been awarded the “Slovenia Green Destination Platinum Label”,placing it among the top 5 most sustainable destinations in Slovenia. Kranj has been named EUROPEAN DESTINATION OF EXCELLENCE 2023. Would you like to know why Kranj deserved this prestigious title?

10 Green Attractions

  1. In Kranj, there is KRsKOLESOM, a system of sharing bicycles and electric bicycles. Also seven Gorenjska municipalities are connected to the network, which means that you can rent a bike in one municipality and return it in another..
  2. SOS Proteus Information Centre is located in the Tunnels under the old town of Kranj and welcoming visitors to the Tular Cave Laboratory, which has been researching and protecting olms (lat. Proteus), Slovenian cave-dwelling salamanders for 60 years.
  3. The European Commission has selected Kranj as one of the 100 climate neutral and smart cities.
  4. Kranj has a Green Team, consisting of 21 representatives from various institutions and striving to develop sustainable tourism.
  5. Every Friday in the summer, the social and culinary event Kr petek je! takes place in the middle of town! – It’s Friday already!, where various Slovenian caterers prepare dishes with local and seasonal ingredients.
  6. The tap water of Kranj was awarded the Certificate of Excellence at the Bled Water Festival. 12 drinking fountainshave been installed in the town centre , where high quality water is distributed free of charge.
  7. For those who like to pedal, we have prepared The Flower of Cycling Routes around Kranj, connected cycling routes to nearby towns (including Ljubljana and Bled).
  8. 93% of tour operators pay attention to careful waste separation.
  9. The Slovenian National Anthem Park is a new green asset in the city that connects sustainability (nature) with cultural heritage.
  10. The green Kokra River Canyon, cutting its way through the middle of the city, is the second largest urban gorge in Europe.

The City of Kranj is part of the Slovenian Green Tourism Scheme.

Green Mobility

Not only the European Commission, but also residents and visitors are enthusiastic about the rapid development of green mobility in the city. A 3-day package (840 minutes) for the use of conventional and electric bike rental systems is available at the Center for Sustainable Mobility. The 3-day package price is only € 3.


Explore the city and its surroundings with ordinary or electric bicycles with a system that allows you to rent and return bicycles to various locations in Kranj.


The largest electric bike rental system in the country, connecting 29 stops in the municipality of Kranj.


An electric mini-bus that, if you call or stop it, will drive you free of charge and carefully through the city centre.

Municipal bus transport

12 lines connect the city centre with the surrounding area in a comfortable, safe and fast way.

Bus connections in Slovenia

To Bled: 40 minutes To Kranjska Gora: 80 minutes

Slovenian Railways

To Ljubljana: 30 minutes To Škofja Loka: 7 minutes

Green accommodation

Tourist accommodation that respects the principles of environmental, climatic, economic and social sustainability is the key to a truly green holiday. Kranj focuses on high quality tourism developed together with the residents, rather than mass tourism. You can see the range of accommodation on offer here.

Hotel Actum

This boutique hotel is located in the old town and has been awarded the Green Key and Slovenia Green Accommodation sustainability certificates.

Jenko's Residence

In the house in the center of the city, where the poet Simon Jenko once lived, there is an inspiring residence that puts the poet and sustainability in the foreground.

B&B Na poljani

Guests come to this traditional country house in search of tranquillity and home-cooked food. Surrounded by meadows, it is an ideal base for outdoor adventures.

Hiking and cycling routes

With one foot in the middle of the vibrant city and the other in nature, Kranj is a town perfect for an active and sustainable holiday


The climb up the favourite hill of Kranj is a good opportunity to relax, escape into nature and enjoy the beautiful view.

Šmarjetna gora

From the top of this popular hill, which is the closest to Kranj, you can see over a fifth of the whole of Slovenia in good weather!

Flower of cycling routes around Kranj

of six cycling routes to nearby cities including Ljubljana and Bled.

Cycling routes at the foot of the Storžič mountain

Four cycling routes of varying difficulty, starting and ending in the centre of Kranj, run below the peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Kokra Riverbank Trail

An attractive nature trail leading hikers to the green and elegant Brdo estate.

Brdo Manor

In the midst of 500 hectares of forests, lines of trees and ponds stands the Renaissance Brdo Castle, known for its rich cultural heritage and famous guests.


The promotion and use of local produce is one of the most important aspects of our vision of sustainability. Equally important is the commitment to the use of eco consumables, access to tap water, greened community islands and the communication of sustainability.

It’s Friday already!

A Friday summer market that brings together growers, producers and lovers of fresh, local and seasonal produce, as well as a wide range of gourmet restaurants at their stalls.

Kranj Long Table

An annual gourmet event to promote sustainable gastronomy. For the event, chefs from Kranj prepare elaborate menus using only local ingredients.

Tasting at Kranj Tables

The best restaurants of Kranj prepare high-quality menus at the same price, listing the names of local producers of the ingredients for these plates.

Gostilna Krištof

The team has been awarded the prestigious Michelin Green Star for its sustainable practices and excellent cuisine.

Pr' Končovc

The recipients of Green Cuisine and Green Key prepare dishes based on their family tradition. Most of their ingredients are homemade.

Dom na Joštu

Jošt is much more than a hill - it offers local and seasonal food, relaxation, music, socializing and views.

Projects of the City of Kranj for a sustainable future

Our ambitions in the field of sustainable management are very high. Here, we present some of the interesting projects we are working on in the fields of governance, spatial planning, energy infrastructure, waste management, mobility and others.

SOS Proteus Info Centre

In the tunnels under the city centre, the researchers of the Tular cave laboratory educate curious visitors about the life of the olm in their inaccessible, underground world, why they are endangered and why underground waters should remain clean.

Commitment to climate neutrality

The European Commission has selected 100 cities to receive financial and content support to achieve climate neutrality by 2030, including Kranj.

The green penguin

A project to educate primary school students about reducing carbon emissions and using fewer energy sources.

Tree planting

The City of Kranj plans to plant a thousand trees by 2026. Around 700 have been planted so far. Bleiweis Park, the largest in the city, will be a big green asset.

Let’s rid Gorenjska of invasive plants

Annual campaign to eliminate invasive, non-native plant plant species that cause economic damage and have a negative impact on human health.

Participatory budget

Citizens contribute to the sustainable management of the municipality by submitting project proposals and voting on the most needed and desirable municipal investments.

What can you do? 7 ideas for a sustainable visit

  • Explore Kranj in a sustainable way. The town centre is compact and therefore ideal for walking. If your legs get tired, just call Kranjvaj. Kranj is a cycling town. Use the bicycle rental systems KRsKOLESOMandGorenjska.Bike. . Kranj can be reached by public transport (train and bus) from all major Slovenian cities.
  • Drink tap water.Several public places in the city have drinking fountains where you can drink or pour water. All restaurants in the city will also gladly pour you a glass of water. Bring reusable bottles with you.
  • When shopping and eating, choose products and produce from local producers.
  • Find out about the importance of clean groundwater and how to preserve it at the info centru SOS proteus. Support the researchers and help protect the olms.
  • Spend time in nature in harmony with it. Make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of wastegenerated during your trip. Separate the waste you cannot avoid and dispose of it in the designated places. Stay on the marked trails and do not make unnecessary noise that could frighten the inhabitants of our natural ecosystems.
  • Every Friday in the summer season, the main square hosts the event for foodies, It’s Friday already!, where you can meet local organic producers and restaurant chefs and many other people.
  • Calculate the carbon footprint of your trip and consider what you can do to reduce or even neutralise it.
  • Follow our Green Sparkles.😊