Educational trail along the Kokra River

Between Preddvor and Kranj, or more exactly between the villages of Visoko and Tupaliče, there is a nature trail, little less than 2 kilometres long. It has five boards containing information on the history of the Kokra, its ecological value and its beauty which you will be able to see here. You will surely like the three-meter-high geological pyramid near the Rapa sports park. It is composed of colourful pebbles with irregular shapes that were found in the gravel by the river. They show you the geological diversity of the stones that are rolled and polished in the stream of the Kokra.

People say that there is a geomantic point with healing power by the pyramid. If you stay there for a while, the field around the pyramid will give you as much energy as you need. This will then help you overcome a slight cold, tiredness, nervousness or a minor headache. The row of 88 linden trees also contributes a lot to the good energy and pleasant shade of this place – each of them was planted by a family from the Visoko community. As you walk along the trail, you can bathe in the river or treat yourself to some rest on one of the benches.

This path can also be visited by bike from Kranj – see cycling path –  Kranj–Predoslje–Visoko–by the Kokra river–Breg ob Kokri–Brdo–Ilovka–Kranj.


Starting point: Visoko, Rapa sports park

Length of the path: 2 km

Duration: 30 minutes

Level of difficulty: Easy walking trail

Type of path: Educational trail

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