Mammoth Trail

Did you know that in 1953, the skeleton of an ice age mammoth was found in the clay that was dug out for the lakes of Bobovek? The female animal was about 40 years old, lived about 180 thousand years ago and sank in the swamp of that time. Today, there is the Trail through the Land of the Mammoth in her honour, so we can become aware of the fact that once upon a time, a real mammoth wandered here.


The trail starts and ends in Kokrica pri Kranju. From there you can walk southeast, along the highway to the village of Ilovka, where you turn north and arrive in Bobovek – there you will see the wonderful sight of two lakes that were created by digging clay. This is also how the bones of the mammoth from the Ice Age were discovered. Then you can head north, past Srakovlje to the village of Tatinec that was named after the local thief, Tine. Through the next village, Grič, you will reach Mlaka pri Kranju, where you enter the Udin boršt landscape park. There’s a beautiful forest path where you will be able to see many birds and other animals and plants.


Coming out of the forest, reach the regional road to Kokrica and the starting point of our journey. The shorter route (7 km) leads from the Mercator there shop directly to Bobovek and from there directly to Mlaka, where you will find the forest path through the Udin forest.



Starting point: Mercator store in Kokrica

Distance: 7km or 14km

Duration: 1.5 hours or 3 hours

Difficulty: easy hiking trail

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