Rovnik educational trail and Šum waterfall

The path runs through private forests and is good for both education and exercise. At the edge of Nova vas in Besnica stands an information board and signs indicate the direction along the path.

The hill of Rovnik stands above the village Zgornja Besnica and is unusual for this landscape. It is also known as the Besnica karst due to its many karst phenomena. The most famous of these are the Bidovec grotto and the Podskokar cave that are protected as natural values of national importance. In the caves, you can see dripstones, including those in the form of curtains and hedgehog needles. You can visit also the Šum waterfall at the Nemiljščica creek, with its 25 meters of one of the highest slide waterfalls in Slovenia. After the walk, you can drive to the restaurant Pr Jazbcu, where you can relax in a pleasant homey ambiance and enjoy delicious local food.


Starting point: Zgornja Besnica, Rovnik

Destination: Šum waterfall

Distance: 3.4km

Duration: 1.5–2 hours

Difference in altitude: 230m

Difficulty: the way downhill to the waterfall is not suitable for preschool children

Type: educational trail

Folder: download HERE

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