Kranj - Green Destination

Kranj - Slovenia Green Destination

Kranj was awarded the Slovenia Green Destination platinum label

The City of Kranj has joined the Slovenian Green Tourism Scheme in 2020 with the aim of using its internationally recognised tool for the development of green destinations to create a sustainable tourism model that recognizes the value of natural, social and cultural potentials and integrates them into unique programmes offered in Kranj as a tourist destination. In 2021, Kranj was named a Slovenia Green Destination and received its Gold label. After the award of this label, our Green Team prepared an Action Plan for the period 2021–2023, which serves as a guide and a basis for further work and for maintaining and upgrading the label.

In 2022, the City of Kranj and the Tourism and Culture Board Kranj (ZTKK) worked actively to improve the criteria for upgrading the label. In January 2023, Kranj was awarded the Slovenia Green Destination – Platinum label.

The process of obtaining the label was managed by the Green Team, which consists of 21 members from different institutions and is headed by the Green Coordinator Tamara Maržič of ZTKK. The labels that a destination can obtain are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Kranj is the fifth Slovenian destination to earn the platinum label, which recognises sustainable and green action in various areas, not only in tourism. This ranges from environmental protection, protection of natural and cultural heritage, cooperation with service providers and residents, improving the quality of life of residents, etc. It is also a commitment that Kranj will continue with this orientation in the future. The vision of the destination is that Kranj is and will remain a clean, healthy and safe city. Citizens are therefore invited to take part in this effort.

By obtaining the platinum label, Kranj as a tourist destination will be even more visible for its sustainable activities, it will be included in many promotional activities of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) and it will have access to data for further work and development.

The next step is to implement the activities adopted under the Action Plan 2021–2023 and to prepare a new Action Plan 2024–2026, which will contain keeping the prestigious Slovenia Green Destination Platinum label.