The town in the heart of nature

People of Kranj like to live in harmony with nature and the power of the two rivers. The 30-meter-deep Kokra River canyon just under the old town is a feature that is unique in the world. A walk along the river is refreshing and offers a green break in the middle of the town. The Sava River flows around the town from the other side and it is a true paradise for fly fishing. For residents and visitors of this town it is one of the biggest advantages that here, one is always with one foot in the bustling town life and with the other foot already in nature and surrounded by mountains.

Every citizen of Kranj who has even a little bit of mountaineering spirit, has to climb the two-thousand-metre peak of Storžič dominating the town and giving it its characteristic image. The hills of Šmarjetna gora, St. Jost, Špičast vrh, St. Mohor, Jamnik, Planica, St. Lawrence, Velika and Mala Poljana are ideal for a short tour if you are looking for a fantastic view of mountains and valleys.


The mountain tops not only attract people who like to climb and hike, but are also a dream for paragliders. At a panoramic tandem flight you will have a fantastic view over the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karawanks.

To explore the rural surroundings of Kranj, you can also try the cycle paths at the foot of the Storžič mountain. They are dynamic, follow low-traffic roads and go through villages where you can in the most authentic way experience the charm, the rural legends and the culinary delights of the Gorenjska contryside.


When snow falls, Kranj is an excellent starting point for visiting alpine ski resorts. Only a few kilometres from the lively town centre, you can find the popular ski slopes of Krvavec or even night skiing on Stari vrh.