Kokra River Canyon

A chance visitor to the old town of Kranj can hardly imagine that there is a gorge right next to it, the second highest urban gorge in Europe.


This valuable natural site offers a unique break in nature and is only a few meters away from the lively town. There is a well-maintained loop trail that is inviting in every season. In the spring it smells of wild garlic and blooming flowers and in the summer the canyon offers refreshment, even bathing for the brave ones among us, in the autumn one can smell the pears that fell from the trees and in winter the icy river creates a true winter wonderland.


The path through the Kokra gorge connects to the old town in two places, at the high bridge over the Kokra, where you can take the stairs, and at the street Kokrški breg, where you can reach the river also by bike or with a children’s pushchair.

Starting point: old town of Kranj

Destination: old town of Kranj

Distance: 1.5km

Duration: 15 minutes

Difficulty: easy walking trail

Markings: marked trail

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