The Karavanke Cycling Loops

An unforgettable mountain-biking tour – an adventure on the authentic slopes of the Karavanke Mountains.

The Karavanke Cycling Loops run through the areas of Jezersko, Jesenice, Kranjska Gora, Kranj, Preddvor, Tržič and Žirovnica. There are two cycling loops in the Kranj destination area, which are described below.

Kranj–Rupa–Predoslje–Suha pri Predosljah–Hotemaže–Tupaliče–Breg ob Kokri–Preddvor–Srednja Bela–Spodnja Bela–Kokrica–Kranj

Stage 1

A circular cycling trip from the capital of the Gorenjska region to the countryside

The cycling trip starts in front of the city fountain on the main square (Glavni trg), in front of the Kranj Tourist Information Centre (TIC). First, we drive to the end of town to Pungert and along a side street to Maistrov trg. We turn right past the city library and Prešernov gaj park, continue towards the sports park and further towards Rupa and at the top of the village turn right into the forest. We descend below the highway and climb steeply to Ilovka. We continue along the field road in the direction of the Brdo estate. Then turn right on the main road and in Predoslje, just before Gostilna Krištof, we turn left. We cross the field to Suha pri Predosljah and turn right at the beginning of the village. After 300 meters, turn right. Soon we cross onto a gravel road that leads us to the Kokra River, which we cross and continue along the educational path along the left bank of the Kokra. When we get back to the asphalt road, we turn left towards Breg ob Kokri and drive across the field, with a view of Hudičev boršt, to Preddvor. If we have enough time, we also stop at Lake Črnava, and then continue our journey to the village of Spodnja Bela. Before Kokrica, we make another stop at the Bobovška jezera lakes, and then return to the main road, cross it and head towards the bike path, passing the outdoor gym and the Brdo estate. We return to Kranj past the military area.

Kranj–Zlato polje–Polica–Naklo–Cegelnica–Udin boršt–Mlaka pri Kranju–Kokrica–Rupa–Kranj

Stage 2

A pleasant, undemanding circular cycling tour from the hustle and bustle of the city to the mysterious Udin boršt and back

This cycling trip is also suitable for families, as it mostly takes place on cycle lanes, cart tracks and roads with less traffic. We start at the TIC in the centre of Kranj and ride north or in the direction of the city library. We continue past Slovenski trg to the roundabout, where we choose the second exit. On the bike path, while riding, we can see information about the number of cyclists who have already crossed the point ahead of us. We continue straight past Zlato polje, where we can enjoy a view of the western slopes of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Karavanke and the Julian Alps in the background. At Polica we continue straight in the direction of Naklo, where we turn right at the first roundabout, then right again at the main intersection in the centre of Naklo in the direction of Cegelnica. When we cycle through the highway’s underpass, we are already in Cegelnica, where a short climb and the start of the macadam path await us. We cross the southern part of Udin boršt, one of the oldest glacial terraces in the Ljubljana basin, and stop at the Želinjski stream and ponds Ribnik Race. We continue eastwards and turn right at the first intersection. The macadam road turns into an asphalt road in the village of Mlaka. At the roundabout, we go in the direction of the school and Kokrica, turn right at the inn and then left at the first intersection towards Rupa. Beneath the church on Rupa, we head towards the Kokra River and the sports park and return to the city through the side streets past Prešerenov gaj park to the main square.