For local people and for visitors from abroad, Jamnik is a spot with the most breathtaking view in Slovenia and this is why it is so popular among photographers. No one can remain indifferent after taking a trip there with a wish to see a wonderful panorama of mountains.


Why Jamnik?

The village of Jamnik with its church of St. Primus and Felicianus is one of the most photographed locations in Slovenia. From here, you can admire the view of the Ljubljana basin, the Karawanks and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. It is located on the hillsides of Jelovica and is best known for the gothic church that stands on a hill above the village, less than half an hour’s drive and less than 20 kilometres away from Kranj.


Photography experience

The church of St. Primus and Felicianus on the hill of Jamnik has a wonderful view of the mountains and sometimes even a huge full moon rises from behind them. Photographers can feel inspired here, and every season they can get a different, but always picturesque image of nature.

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The motif with the view from Jamnik has become a world-famous highlight of social networks, where you can find more than 57,500 photos under the hashtags #jamnik and #jamnikslovenia and there was even a post that got tens of thousands of likes. You can find wonderful views and photographs of Kranj and its surroundings on our Instagram page and also under the hashtag #VisitKranj.


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Best time to visit Jamnik

Jamnik is breathtaking in every season – the white mountains in winter are enchanting, in spring, you can see the fresh green colour of trees and meadows, in the summer the yellow sunlight floods all over you while you admire the view and in autumn you can immerse yourself in the various colours of nature.


Summer is the best time to visit Jamnik, since the weather is dry and stable enough if you choose to walk there instead of driving. Both in early morning hours and at sunset, the summer has the most beautiful views, shining even more in bright summer colours. Because of their wonderful light, sunrise and sunset are most suitable for photographers, but people who just want to enjoy the view will be enthusiastic to be there at any time of the day.


Where can you have lunch/dinner?

You can enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant Pr Jazbecu, in the vicinity of Jamnik, but also Kranj has a large selection of various places that serve good food.. Speaking of dinner, Jamnik is especially popular in the evenings of a full moon, which is a special challenge for masters of photography and admirers of anything beautiful.

How do you get to Jamnik?

Kranj–Jamnik (directions)

If you travel by car from Kranj to the little church of St. Primus and Felicianus, it will take you less than half an hour. First you can take the Gornjesavska road and drive past Spodnja Besnica and Zgornja Besnica to the village of Nemilje, from where you can walk to Jamnik as you head towards Kropa in Podblica and then after some bends you can already see the path to Jamnik.


Ljubljana-Jamnik (directions)

The journey from the capital to Jamnik takes about 50 minutes. After about 30 kilometres on the highway in the direction of Kranj, you take the exit Naklo. Then drive for about 20 kilometres – first towards Naklo/Polica–Podtabor and then through the villages of Podbrezje, Podnart and Lipnica. Take the road uphill from Kropa and a few bends you will reach Jamnik.

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