Beer and Sausage Festival

September 2024
Old town of Kranj

September 2024

Details of the event 2024 will be announced in the coming months.


Last year, the Beer and Sausage Festival took place in the Tunnels under old town of Kranj. It was the first festival of this kind and it already had 881 visitors who came to meet 14 Slovenian brewers and two sausage producers.

The event got an additional purpose when we decided to raise money for the family of Davo Karničar who recently died in an accident. A total of € 766.16 was raised, and in return for their voluntary contributions, visitors received pretzels donated by Žito d.d.

The Beer and Sausage Festival happened in the Tunnels under old town of Kranj. Its visitors had a chance to learn about what the early hop harvest looks like and how beer is brewed; they tasted the beer from fresh hops that was harvested in September. In addition to the festival beer, they had a choice of a variety of beer styles, and the cold beer in the relaxed atmosphere was spiced up with the specialty of this region, the Carniolan sausage.

Check out the photos HERE.

The event was organized by the Tourism and Culture Board of Kranj. “The numbers show that the Beer and Sausage Festival was very successful. The breweries and sausage producers were so happy with it that they already confirmed that they will take part in it next year as well. The large number of visitors indicates that this event was the right thing to do. We were glad that visitors from all over Slovenia came to the festival, and there were also some guests from abroad. We thank all the visitors for the support they have shown to the Karničar family through their contributions. We also thank the company Žito d.o.o. for donating the pretzels for the charity campaign,” said Srečko Štagar, the event manager.