Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
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Prešeren Fair

February 2021 | Squares and streets of the old town

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For Prešeren Fair, Kranj assumes the image that the town had in the 19th century, in the memory of the greatest Slovenian poet, Dr. France Prešeren. It is one of the best known events to honour the national day of culture.


Several traditional and artistic craftsmen will be presenting their products and skills on the streets of the historic centre, choirs will be singing, Prešeren’s poems will be recited, folk dances will be danced by groups, street organs will be played and the townspeople will be walking the streets in their historic costumes. In front of the Kranjska Hiše, there will be a meeting place for anyone who wishes to attend the guided tour of the town, called Kranj in Your Heart, as well as a tour of the Tunnels beneath the historic town centre.


You will have the chance to ride a carriage through the streets and children will be able to ride a real pony. The town houses will host many events. There will be many guided tours at the Gorenjska Museum, Town Library and Prešeren’s House and you are welcome to visit the galleries of Kranj, the Layer House and the town walls in the Khislstein Castle.


It is a tradition on this festival of culture that the town of Kranj hosts the artists and writers who received the Prešeren Award or the Prešeren Fund Award. This encounter carries the name Gathering of the muses on the Carniolan Parnassus. You are welcome to meet these laureates that have been recognized as important actors in the cultural and artistic life in Slovenia.


Welcome to the town of Kranj where during this festival of Prešeren will be the true heart of Slovenian culture


* The exact date and programme to be announced.