Visit to the shops in the town centre

The town streets and the old houses are a meeting point of artistic people. The little shops with their windows are inviting visitors to take a look inside. Visiting the craftsmen, vendors and artists gives you a good opportunity to get to know their skills and stories, as well as their unique, hand-made and high-quality products. Being accompanied by a guide who knows a lot about this aspect of the town, you can have a tour that will enable you to see the town through the eyes of people who live and work there. 


More information:

Duration: 3 hours


130 € / group

(VAT is included)


Included in the price: Short presentation of Kranj, tasting of fig liqueur, visit to the souvenir shop at Kranjska hiša tourist information, visit to the Figa delicatessen shop with optional tastings, visit to the Vincenc Draksler Foundation work therapy centre, visit to the fashion salon Modni svet Lady Man, visit to the Lesna Vesna gallery, visit to the Lesema wooden jewellery shop, visit to the Kralj Nudeljcev pasta shop, rental of a rickshaw, local tour guide.


Minimum number of participants: 1, maximum number of participants: 20


Application and booking: info@visitkranj.com

Information: 00 386 4 2380 450