Kranj – Jezersko – Kranj

Jezersko – the unique valley in the mountains, the hospitality, local specialties, personal attitude of your hosts there and the strong experience of nature are the main reasons to visit Jezersko. It is possible to get there by bicycle, although on the main road, but on weekdays it usually does not have too much traffic.

There are two ways to cycle to Preddvor and one is through Kokrica, where you turn left and then take the road through Srednja Bela. You can admire the picturesque mountains all the time as you approach them, just like on the other route through the villages of Britof, Milje, Visoko and Hotemaže, where there is a bit more traffic, but it is shorter. In Preddvor take the road to Jezersko.

Map of the route (.gpx format) can be downloaded HERE.

There is only one road from Preddvor to Jezersko and it goes slowly but steadily uphill,

through Kokra, the longest village in Slovenia.

The nature along the road is fascinating and pleasant even in the warmer months, since the Kokra River flows through the valley.


Difficulty level3/5

Duration: 3 hours


Difference in altitude: 765m

Ground: asphalt

Starting point: Old town of Kranj – Huje car park (Google Maps )

Map of the Path: .gpx format (download >> HERE)

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