Zois Trail

Dear guests and visitors of the beautiful estate under these mighty peaks, where the enchanting nature every time brings a fairy tale before your eyes … You certainly do not know me, but after I have introduced myself, maybe a spark of memory will ignite and you will remember our powerful family by the name of Zois, who owned the castle Brdo for many years and ruled in this wonderful neighborhood in good times and in bad times. It is me, Zois, baron of Edelstein! …

A map of the trail (.gpx format) can be downloaded HERE.

As part of this project, the village square of Predoslje has been equipped with new urban furniture and plants, while panels along the trail can inform you about Predoslje of today and of the past.

Starting point: Predoslje – Brdo

Destination: Predoslje
Length of the trail: 1.8km

Duration: 0.30 hour

Difficulty: easy walking trail

Markings: well-marked

Type: educational trail

Folder: download HERE

Map of the trail: .gpx format (download HERE)

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