Now is the right time to discover all the green spots in Kranj!

Even though it is the third largest city in Slovenia, Kranj is surrounded by picturesque nature, with opportunities for a number of active experiences. The surrounding hills, lakes, rivers and green forests invite you to unforgettable adventures.

In this photo report of a beautiful sunny day, we would like to show you what you can experience in just one day in Kranj. Imagine that every day could be so wonderful!

Morning greetings from Šmarjetna gora

The hill of Šmarjetna gora is very close to Kranj and it offers a quick and active break from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the top, you will see the little church of St. Margaret and the Bellevue Hotel, where you can enjoy your breakfast with a wonderful view.

The Bobovek lakes

The skeleton of an ice age mammoth that lived here about 180,000 years ago was found in the clay that was dug here. Small lakes later formed as a result of clay digging. This natural monument is only 5 km away from the old town. The lakes offer pleasant refreshment in the summer and invite you to ice skate in the winter.

Brdo Castle with its park

The Brdo estate could be described as a location for adventure. The Brdo estate could be called an estate experience. It combines unspoiled nature, cultural heritage and a high level of services in one place. This pearl, which is only a 10-minute drive from the centre of Kranj, will not leave you indifferent.

Kokra River Canyon

People of Kranj live in harmony with nature and the power of two rivers, the Kokra and the Sava. The 30-metres-deep canyon of the Kokra River is the second highest urban gorge in Europe and a great natural landmark. A walk along the river promises a fresh and green relaxation in the middle of the city.

Zarica Canyon and the Sava River

Cycle path at the foot of the Storžič Mountain

You can explore the countryside by bicycle, especially on the cycle paths below the mountain of Storžič. The paths are varied and lead through settlements on roads with less traffic. This is the most authentic way to get to know the charm of the Gorenjska countryside, its village legends and great food.

Udin Forest

It is a real adventure to spend some time under the canopy of trees and discover this conglomerate karst forest and its natural wonders as well as the stories from its past. With all the attractions and leisure activities that the nature of Udin Boršt offers, as well as its surrounding landscape, it would be a real shame if you were in a hurry to come home instead of enjoying such a visit.

Hill of St. Jost

You can watch the sunset on the hill of Jošt that is very close to Kranj. The popular excursion site is an excellent opportunity to relax in nature and also a real experience for foodies, as the Dom na Joštu restaurant puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Kranj is beautiful!