Church of St. Jost

This Baroque pilgrimage church with two towers stands on a 847-meters-high hill. Documents was first mentioned it in 1600, but it is certainly older than that. It has been renovated in the Baroque style in the 18th century and at that time the Holy Stairs leading to the chapel of the Mother of God were also built.


In the time from 1730 to 1770, it was the most popular to go on a pilgrimage to St. Jost, but later its fame diminished was not that great. In the bell tower there is a bell with the verses of France Prešeren, which was cast in 1834 by Anton Samassa from the bronze of cannons, salvaged from the bottom of the sea in Greece where they lay since the Battle of Navarino.


  • Location: Sv. Jošt above Kranj, 4000 Kranj (google maps)

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