Cycling trail on the hill of St. Mohor

This trail is something for lovers of mountain biking and also for beginners if they are a little bit fitter. You can park your car on the Sava river island and start to cycle on the road to Besnica until you arrive in Nemilje.


Turn left at the restaurant “Na Razpokah” in Nemilje and drive past some houses. Follow this asphalt road for a few hundred meters and then take the direction to Selca. The road soon becomes a gravel road that rises slowly and consistently through the forest for four kilometres until you reach an asphalt road in the village of Topolje.

A map of the route (.gpx format) can be downloaded HERE.

To the right it leads into the valley, but it’s better to take a sharp left to St. Mohor and the village of Zabrekve. It’s only one more short and steep climb and you’re at a few houses and a large farm. This is the highest point of the tour – from here the roads mostly go downhill. Pass a chapel and take a wide footpath that goes through the forest and past a single farm to Čepulje and Javonik, then take the road from the Jošt hill to Kranj


Difficulty: 5/5

Duration: 3 hours

Distance: 28 km

Difference in altitude: 729 m

Ground: asphalt, gravel roads

Starting point: parking on the Sava island 


Map of the route: .gpx-format (download >> HERE)


* Note: The information and data on this website are informative. The paths in nature are not marked. Cycling is allowed on the roads and forest trails except those where it is expressly prohibited. Cycling through ditches that were dug into the forest to transport tree trunks, on mountains paths and other trails is prohibited except where expressly permitted. Where cycling is prohibited, you should get off the bike and continue on foot. These tips are meant to be informative and act only as aids, so they do not guarantee that you can ride your bike on all the paths they recommend. You cycle at your own responsibility.

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