Nemilje – Jamnik

There are quite a few paths to the hill of Jamnik, but the trail from the village of Nemilje leads through interesting forests and fields. The village belongs to the municipality Podblica and lies in a narrow valley under the slopes of Jelovica. When you reach Nemilje, follow the main road over the Nemiljščica bridge and you come to an intersection with a side road to the left – this is where our trail begins.


The side road goes past some houses and then rises higher just under a hayrack. Turn right after the last house and then left to a narrow path. It climbs uphill and leads into the forest. There you soon come to a smaller ridge –the path turns left here and becomes more level. Continue on the road along this ridge.


Soon the road becomes steeper and then there is another easy part, so you do not even need a break to get some rest. Further ahead, our path joins a wider gravel road that comes from Njivica.


Walk on and then turn right by a hayrack, to a narrower path in the direction of two more hayracks, where we come to a wider path and turn right there. This path climbs up to the main ridge, where it joins a marked trail that leads to Jamnik from the village of Rovte. At the top of the ridge, take the path to the left. As you climb higher and higher, the views become more and more beautiful and you soon reach your destination – the little church of Saints Primus and Felicianus on the hill of Jamnik.


If you wish to walk a bit further, there are hiking trails from here to the mountain of Bela peč or to the hill of Mohor and to the village of Dražgoše.


Difficulty level2/5

Duration: 1 hour

Starting point: Nemilje

Leaflet of hiking routes at KS Podblica: download HERE

Destination: Jamnik (831m)

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