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Jazz Camp Kranj

16 - 25 August 2019 | various locations in the old town centre



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Jazz Kamp Kranj 2019 

This year's Jazz Kamp will be celebrating its 15th anniversary from 16 to 25 August.


Two of its music workshops will have new mentors, the excellent Slovenian trumpeter Tomaž Gajšt and the Croatian bass player Mario Mavrin, who already was a mentor a few years ago and will now again be part of our lecturing team. This year, we also invited the world-famous American drummer Alvin Queen to teach a master workshop. He currently lives in Switzerland and has played with a number of famous musicians, among them even in the very distinguished trio of the Canadian pianist Oscar Peterson. For the second year in a row, we are introducing a novelty, a holistic approach to learning that not only offers music lessons, but also includes a workshop on stage performance and preparation. It will be led by the outstanding Swedish pianist, psychotherapists and expert in the treatment of traumatic syndromes, Ulf Sandström, who, among other things, received the ASEF International Award for his humanitarian work.


The varied programme of the festival will of course contain the traditional concert by the mentors of music workshops, but also many other musicians from Slovenia and abroad.


On the first evening, the versatile Austrian artist and musician Eddie Luis will be performing with his Jazz Passengers and the female vocal trio The Supreme Sisters. The band awakens the golden era of swing, boogie-woogie and jazz from the first half of the 20th century. The second evening will feature a concert by the mentors of music workshops, which, as already mentioned, is a tradition at the Jazz Kamp. On Sunday, 18August, the great Slovenian pianist Gregor Ftičar will have a concert with his trio and the guests Jaka Kopač on saxophone and Peter Savizon from Britain on vocals. It is very interesting that years ago Gregor Ftičar was one of the first participants of these workshops. The next evening we will be able to hear a concert by the participants of the ICC JMC Summer Jazz School in Grožnjan, Croatia. On Tuesday, there will be a concert by the Croatian-Slovenian Latino and Salsa band Filosofía, one of the few in this region to play their own repertoire. Traditionally at Jazz Kamp, the Wednesday concert takes place in the amphitheatre of the Khislstein open-air stage. This year, on 21 August, this evening of great jazz will be a little bit different, as the pianists David Gazarov from Germany and Emil Spayi from Hungary will be joined by the drummer Alvin Queen and the Croatian bassist Mario Mavrin. On Thursday, Nina Strnad and beautiful moments with the music of Jože Privšek will be the sound of this summer evening. In the series of concerts that Janez Bončina Benč currently has in Slovenia on the occasion of his birthday, he will also stop by the Jazz Kamp on Friday, 23 August, together with eminent Slovenian musicians from his band.


On Saturday, 24 August, the participants of the music workshops of Jazz Kamp Kranj 2019 will get the chance to present their skills twice, in the morning at the Jazz Kamp Kranj Fest and in the evening at the final concert.


Wine tastings will be taking place before the evening concerts, the so-called scene series with wine stories from Jazz Kamp Kranj 2019, where renowned Slovenian winegrowers and restaurants will present their creations.


As in the previous years, Jazz Kamp Kranj will begin with the opening of a photo exhibition this time by Gorazd Uršič and Zoran Kozina in the Pungert Gallery on 14 August.


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