Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
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The International Festival of Fine Arts

27 September – 4 November 2018 | Various venues in the old town and in the village of Spodnje Bitnje



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7th International Festival of Fine Arts Kranj – ZDSLU 

This year's Festival of Fine Arts was conceived as a demonstration of various creative approaches and practices on the theme of GEOMETRY – RATIONALITY OF VIEWING. Geometry may not be interesting at the first glance, but the exhibited works are convincing enough to prove that it actually is not so. Various visual techniques of painting, sculpture, graphics, video, photography, installation, design and patchwork will be presented. 128 artists from 25 countries were selected for these exhibitions.



Main opening: 2 October at 5pm

Ever since people began to think and create tools that help us live and survive, to make products for everyday use and artistic artefacts, we have used geometric networks that are still today hidden in every product, as well as in visual creativity.

"In the introduction to his legendary book, Horst Woldemar Janson said that throughout history there were only three distinct styles: Impressionism, Expressionism and Surrealism. Everything else is just a combination of the three. Geometry can be found, to a greater or lesser extent, in all three styles; if it is not obvious then at least it is hidden somewhere in the background, underneath all the layers of thoughts, colours and materials. At first, geometry was used as an internal structure for works of visual arts, as their organizational architecture, their skeleton... that was then covered with figures or a landscape.” – Jaka Bonča

In that section of the festival in which the main focus is on works by selected artists from Slovenia and abroad, we will be hosting the international exhibition CINETIQUE from Paris, the MADI exhibition and the icon of OP ART – Victor Vasarely. These main events will be accompanied by other exhibitions, projects and guided tours.

There will be an exhibition on the influence of geometry on urban design in Kranj, an international photo exhibition, works by artists from Carinthia in Austria, an exhibition by women artists from Vienna, a juxtaposition of art from Kranj and Škofja Loka, selected European patchwork quilts and local fine arts.

In the Škrlovec Tower, visitors will be able to see the award-winners from our previous festivals: Irmgard Hummitzsch (Austria), Toshihiro Hamano (Japan) and Beti Bricelj (Slovenia), in the Gallery of the Prešeren Award Laureates, there will be an exhibition by Zvonko Čoh and Milan Erič. The Cene Avguštin Gallery in the local office of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia will be showing the paintings by Danilo Jejčič who received a lifetime achievement award from the Association of Slovenian Fine Artists Societies (ZDSLU).


In the old town of Kranj, public guided tours will be organized from 4 October to 2 November to better experience the festival.


Programme 2018 | Locations & Venues | Brochures & Info | Artists