Where is Kranj?

This Slovenian town with its charming old part is located between Ljubljana and Bled. A 30 minutes’ drive from Kranj to the east will take you the romantic capital and in 20 minutes to the west, you can reach the fairytale-like and popular lake with its most famous island of Slovenia.


Wherever in Slovenia you are, Kranj is always close by!


Its cuteness, small size, accessibility, safety, the interweaving of nature and culture and the infrastructure as the fourth largest city in the country put Kranj firmly on the map of travel destinations that one should definitely visit. The town is an excellent starting point for discovering the beautiful region of Gorenjska and other parts of Slovenia as well. In just a short time you can be in Ljubljana or in other picturesque medieval towns such as Škofja Loka, Radovljica or Kamnik, on the beaches of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, in the cosy embrace of the Jezersko mountain valley or in the sports venues of Kranjska gora.

Not only Slovenian town and sights are within reach in Kranj, but the town also has excellent international connections. It is only 7 km away from the international airport of Slovenia. There are rail connections between Munich and Zagreb, many bus connections and the proximity of the motorway, so from here, one can pretty quickly reach all of Slovenia and the neighbouring countries – Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary.

One foot in the city and the other one in nature


The old town of Kranj is considered to be one of the most charming ones in Slovenia. This becomes clear as you stroll through the streets with their cafes and little shops selling local products, galleries, museums and the ancient townhouses. The fact that the old town is so small adds a lot to its charm, so Kranj will even faster find a place in your heart!


The city centre stands on a rock between the Kokra and Sava rivers. This interweaving of city and nature is in Kranj present on every step of the way. In one moment you are surrounded by the tranquillity of the forest and in the next moment you are strolling through the streets, cafes and exhibitions of the city. That is why the people from Kranj like to say that we have one foot in the city and the other in nature!

This is the home of culture and history


The 6000-year history, in which the lives of different nations mingled with each other, has shaped today’s architectural image, the cultural and historical diversity and the temperament of the city. Lovers of art, culture and history will feel at home in Kranj! There are galleries, museums, rich architectural details and diverse art events at every step.*


The affection for culture and art is already reflected in the fact that, while in the main squares of the world, one can often see statues of political and military leaders, in Kranj we prefer to pay homage to the poets. The largest statue of Dr. France Prešeren stands next to the Prešeren Theatre.


Image authors:
Luka Dakskobler, Dragan Gavranović, Mediaspeed – Marko Arandjelović, Jošt Gantar