First step: less plastic, and now the next step: tap water

Turistični vodni dan v Kranju

The Tourism and Culture Board Kranj has been awarded the Tap Water certificate. This is a proof of our commitment to activities that contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.


In Kranj, the quality of tap water is high, as it is very clean and healthy. This is guaranteed by the company Komunala Kranj that oversees the local drinking water supply. According to Tomaž Bolka from the Krištof restaurant, Kranj’s water is among the world’s best drinking water. A few years ago, as a future water sommelier, he took part in the World Water Festival, where water from Kranj was evaluated to be one of the two best waters in the world. Add to this the fact that tap water is much cheaper than bottled water and that by drinking tap water one does not create unnecessary packaging waste, and you have a decision on your hands: let’s drink tap water!


As coordinators of all the activities implemented in the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism in the Municipality of Kranj, we at the Tourism and Culture Board wish to be an example of sustainable practices that not only contribute to the protection of the environment, but also to a better quality of life for citizens and better programmes for tourists. This is why last year we already signed up to the “less plastic, more sustainability” pledge, and now we have signed up to the “tap water” certification pledge. This means that we will give priority to offering drinking water from the tap in our premises and at events we organise. We are also committed to promoting and raising public awareness that drinking tap water is healthier and more environmentally friendly than using bottled water. Of course, there are circumstances and exceptions where, for objective reasons, we will not be able to follow the course we have set, but we will stick to our commitments whenever possible.


The Water from the Tap certificate is an initiative initiated by the Chamber of Communal Economy and is part of the nationwide communal initiative Together for a Better Society. The initiative is supported by the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and the Ministry of Health. In Kranj, the certificate is also held by the Municipality of Kranj, by the Simon Jenko Primary School and by the Komunala Kranj company.


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