Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
Glavni trg 2


In this part of the old town at the tip of the rock, archaeologists found the oldest remnants of wooden huts in the region. The name comes from Baumgarten, an orchard in German because fruit trees and gardens of the citizens were located here in the Middle Ages.


The only completely preserved defense tower from the 16th century stands here, although it was first converted into a dungeon and then even to apartments. During the plague in the 15th century, the Gothic church was built here and dedicated to St. Sebastian, Fabian and Roch, patron saints against this deadly disease.


Pungert is particularly popular with families and music lovers. The former are fond about events in the children's tower, of the playground and the nice café, while the latter enjoy the concerts, especially jazz rhythms in the summer months.



Location: Trubarjev trg 6, 4000 Kranj (Google Maps)

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