Town wall of Kranj

The river valleys of Sava and Kokra offered the medieval inhabitants of Kranj natural protection from enemy attacks. They were additionally protected by a wall that was about a kilometer long, 6 meters high and half a meter to 10 meters thick. Little of this wall remains standing until today, there is a part of it behind the Jelen residential building, a part next to the Khislstein Castle and a part overlooking the rivers on Pungert. As you walk around the city, look out for the granite paving stones on the floor, symbolizing the former wall. Of the original nine towers, only four are fully or partially preserved today – the Škrlovec tower, the Pungert tower (picture), the remains of a tower in the Vovk garden and the Špital tower behind the Mladinska knjiga bookstore at Maister Square. Three of these towers are now important players in Kranj’s cultural scene.

Further information about the city walls of Kranj can be found in the leaflet.

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