Škrlovec Tower

This tower was built as a fortress in the city wall during the Turkish raids. It served as an armoury and was therefore one of the most important parts of the wall. After its renovation in 2011, this was turned into a cultural venue. The tower consists of two floors and on the lower floor, there is a nice space for small and innovative performances, concerts and other cultural events and lectures. On the upper floor there is a gallery, named after the photographer Janez Puhar, in which a wide variety of photographers, multimedia and intermedia artists exhibit their works.

Further information about the city walls of Kranj can be found in the leaflet.


  • LocationTomšičeva 32, 4000 Kranj (google maps)
  • Opening hours:
    Mon – Thu: 09am – 11pmFri – Sat: 9am – 12pmSun: 4pm – 12pm
  • Entrance fee: /
  • Contact: Layer House, tel. 00 386 40 859 421 / info@layer.si / layer.si

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