Lake of Mavčiče

This lake between Kranj and Mavčiče a dam was built on the Sava River for the hydroelectric power station. Instead of river banks with pebbles and rapids in the wild river, you can now see the lake becoming a home to many water birds.

Especially the goosander is the unofficial namesake for this lake, which to some people looks like its tear. Also places of healing energy were discovered here, that can help you calm down or cleanse and have a beneficial influence on your health.

The lake is an excellent base for various activities in the summer and is good to actively get to know the countryside. On the lake, there is the patisserie Čolnarna Trboje, where you can treat yourself to delicious homemade cakes and desserts made from fresh strawberries.


Location: Trboje pri Kranju (Google Maps)

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