Cheerful December

December 2024
Old town of Kranj

December 2024

Details of the event 2024 will be announced in the coming months.


Kranj is considered to be the city of Prešeren, which can be seen in the holiday decoration of the city, when the squares and streets are lit up with the verses by Dr. France Prešeren – “We who think well in our hearts”, “Let us all shake hands” and “Let us raise the glass to ourselves”.


The festive decorations are complemented by two Christmas trees, one on the Main Square and the other in front of the Prešeren Theatre. To make the town even more festive, Kranj florist Matjaž Beguš, who is also the author of the wooden nativity scene in the Kokra River canyon, will decorate the town with his unique wooden sculptures. Children will enjoy the fairytale grove in the Main Square, where there will also be a house to take a photo with Santa Claus and a letterbox where children can send a letter to him or Grandfather Christmas or to Grandfather Frost. The garden of Khislstein Castle will also have in a fairy-tale. Among other things there, you will be able to see Santa’s chair, in which anyone can sit and take a memorable festive photo, and a wooden nativity scene by master craftsman Miro Rismond.


The festive programme will start on 3 December with the switching-on of the lights, a concert by the Moon Time Quartet and a visit from the Ice Queen. Children will also enjoy a visit from St Nicholas and Grandfather Frost. This year’s concert programme will feature bands and performers from Kranj, as well as more established local and international musicians such as HELP! A Beatles Tribute, Petar Grašo and Miran Rudan InDesign.

At the Reception of Kranj Athletes we will celebrate the successes of Kranj clubs and individual athletes. The event will be closed with a performance by the versatile Ljubljana-based artist Mark Jacob Cavazza aka Vazz, one of the most prominent young hip hop artists in Slovenia.

This year as well, the Good Thoughts in Our Hearts charity campaign will take place during the Cheerful December, where we will help selected families and individuals in need.

Photo: Jošt Gantar, Primož Pičulin, Katja Jemec



3. – 31. 12. (od četrtka do nedelje, izjemoma tudi v torek, 5.12.): Praznični sejem (Poštna ulica)
3. 12., nedelja, 17.00: Prižig lučk z Moon Time Quartetom in Ledeno kraljico (Glavni trg)
5. 12., torek, 17.00: Sprevod sv. Miklavža in koncert Glasbene šole Kranj (Glavni trg)
8. 12., petek, 19.00: Koncert Joške v’n – 20 let (Glavni trg)
9. 12., sobota, 19.00: Koncert Sem slišal peti IV – srečanje oktetov in malih vokalnih skupin (Glavni trg)
15. 12., petek, 19.00: Koncert Dixie Šok Band (Glavni trg)
16. 12., sobota, 11.00: Koncert Tuba božički (Glavni trg)
16. 12., sobota, 19.00: Koncert Le Serpentine (Glavni trg)
22. 12., petek, 19.00: Sprejem športnikov Kranja & koncert Vazz (Glavni trg)
28. 12., četrtek, 19.00: Žur Radia Kranj (Glavni trg)
29. 12., petek, 17.00: Prihod Dedka Mraza (Glavni trg)
29. 12., petek, 19.00: Koncert HELP! A Beatles Tribute (Glavni trg)
30. 12., sobota, 19.00: Županov koncert – Petar Grašo (Glavni trg)
31. 12., nedelja, 22.00: Silvestrovanje – Miran Rudan InDesign (Glavni trg)

3. – 31. december 2023

Več informacij o Prešernem decembru 2023 bo znanih in objavljenih v prihajajočih dneh oz. tednih.


Kranj – The Perfect Place For a Cheerful December In Kranj, the Christmas lights are lit on 3 December, the birthday of the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren, and our municipal holiday. The lines “We who we think well in our hearts”, “Let us raise our glasses to each other” and “Let us all shake hands” are the red thread of the city’s decorations and of Kranj’s Cheerful December. Christmas market and street food, 14 concerts by popular artists, a children’s programme and the town’s ice rink will keep the atmosphere festive until 31 December.

PROGRAMME 2022 (Main Square – Glavni trg)

Cultural programme to accompany the Christmas market and to warm our festive hearts.
  • 3-30 December (16:00): Christmas market (Poštna ulica; exception: Sunday 4, 11, 18 and 25 December and Monday 12, 19 and 26 December)
  • Saturday, 3 December (17:00): Switch on of the Christmas lights with Bassless
  • Monday, 5 December (17:00): St. Nicholas Parade and concert by Cici brass and sMehci
  • Friday, 9 December (19:00): Concert by Neisha
  • Saturday, 10 December (19:00): Concert I have heard someone sing (‘Sem slišal peti’), a gathering of octets and small vocal groups
  • Friday, 16 December (19:00): Concert Smetnaki, Le Serpentine
  • Saturday, 17 December (11:00): Concert Tuba Santas (‘Tuba božički’)
  • Saturday, 17 December (19:00): Concert Moon Time Quartet
  • Friday, 23 December (19:00): Concert Tilen Lotrič
  • Tuesday, 27 December (19:00): Concert California
  • Wednesday, 28 December (19:00): Concert Jan Plestenjak
  • Thursday, 29 December (19:00): Concert Miran Rudan InDesign
  • Friday, 30 December (18:00): The arrival of Santa Claus
  • Friday, 30 December (19:00): Concert ABBA Tribute Band ABBAcz
  • Saturday, 31 December (22:00): Concert Marko Vozelj in Mojstri
  • 1-31 DecemberCharity campaign: We think well in our hearts in Kranj (SMS donation of €5 to help families in need, send: Kranj5 to 1919)


Two Christmas trees stand in the square in front of the Prešeren Theatre and in the Main Square, where there is also a fairy-tale forest for children. Wooden sculptures by master florist Matjaž Beguš wind their way through the Old Town, including a wooden nativity scene in the Kokra River canyon. The garden of the Khislstein Castle looks like a fairy-tale. In addition to the animals made of lights for the little ones to enjoy, the castle garden also features a wooden nativity scene by the Kranj artist Miro Rismond. For an unforgettable New Year’s photo, you can sit in Santa’s chair. During the cheerful December, the traditional Christmas market is a must-see feature of Kranj’s Old Town, where you can see products made by local artists and craftspeople. Here, you can buy a variety of goodies and gifts for your loved ones during this festive season. The Christmas lights in the city centre illuminate also the Tastes of Kranj food festival and its delicious dishes in various restaurants. This year, the Christmas market will take place on Post Street (Poštna ulica), from 3 to 30 December.


We invite you to stay in Kranj. In addition to the many different events of Cheerful December, you can experience the city and all it has to offer. You’ll find city experiences, friendly service in local restaurants and shops. The winter invites you to the town’s ice rink, and from Kranj you can head to the nearby ski slopes and toboggan runs, just half an hour away. The comfort of Kranj’s accommodation facilities is a wise choice in December, as every kilometre that you have to drive when you are tired is unnecessary. Take a ride HERE. Hop to Kranj for a festive winter break, hop to the snow in the Gorenjska region!