Jazz Camp Kranj

August 2024
Pungert, Stolp Škrlovec

August 2024

Details of the event 2024 will be announced in the coming months.


Jazz Kamp Kranj traditionally brings together great musicians from all over the world. Since 2004, this international music festival has organised a series of jazz concerts on summer evenings. Led by two musicians from Kranj, the brothers Gregor and Primož Grašič, it has hosted some of the biggest names on the international jazz scene.

Let us meet at these jazz concerts and enjoy the pleasant ambience of the old town of Kranj!

  • You can see the photo gallery of previous years HERE.



  • Thursday, 17 August, at 20.30: Wiener Choro Ensemble (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)
  • Friday, 18 August, at 20.30: David Gazarov and Emil Spanyi (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)
  • Saturday, 19 August, at 20.30: Eurocubans ft. Juan de Marcos Gonzales, Juan Munguia & Carlos del Puerto (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)
  • Sunday, 20 August, at 20.30: Elvis Stanić – French Touch (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)  
  • Monday, 21 August, at 20.30: Dejan Pečenko Trio (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)
  • Tuesday, 22 August, at 20.30: Lenart Krećič – Home Run (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)
  • Wednesday, 23 August, at 20.30: Tadej Tomšič Institution (SLO) (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)
  • Thursday, 24 August, at 20.30: Jana Šušteršič and Goran Rukavina Blues Band (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)  
  • Friday, 25 August, at 20.30: Joyce E. Yuille and The Jammers (USA, I) (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)
  • Saturday, 26 August, at 10.00: Jazz Kamp Kranj Fest (Old Town)
  • Saturday, 26 August, at 20.30: New Swing Quartet (Old Town)
  • Sunday, 27 August, at 20.30: David Spischak Quartet (Pungert Gallery Café Garden)