Cycling to Preddvor past the Brdo castle

The pleasant and dynamic cycle trail runs on side roads and gravel roads across fields and is suitable for trekking bikes and mountain bikes.

You start in the centre of Kranj and drive past the Prešeren grove, straight ahead along the Partizanska street. Then you cross the street at the intersection and drive straight to the Kranj Sports Centre (stadium). There you can see the sign for the cycle trail No. 10, which you follow downhill and over the Kokra bridge and then left to the gravel road and a smaller steep slope, wheld you have to step off the bike for a short while. Cross the field to the forest, where there is another short climb, then through the forest and under the motorway bridge to Predoslje. There you see a signpost for cycle trail No. 10 again, so you turn left and cycle through the village.

A map of the route (.gpx format) can be downloaded HERE.

At the church you cross the main road and drive past the Predoslje culture house, the children’s playground and the cemetery, then head in the direction of Brdo. (The other option would be the route through the village Suha to Breg ob Kokri). Then you join the path around the Brdo estate and when it turns left and goes downhill, just before the little bridge (and one of the side entrances to the park), turn right to the gravel road that leads to the village Breg ob Kokri. After driving past some houses, you are back on a gravel road from which you can already see the St. Petrus church of Preddvor. In Preddvor you turn right on the main road, then soon left and you arrive at Lake Črnava.

Enjoy your time there with some refreshments and snacks. On the way back, you can take the same route to Brdo, but then drive around the park on the other side. When you reach the main road, keep to the sidewalk on the right side, then cross the road after a few meters and take the asphalt road across the fields towards Ilovka, down to the bridge and then again under the highway bridge to Rupa. There you turn left and cycle past the stadium and the water tower back to the centre of Kranj.


Difficulty level: 2/5

Duration: 1–1.5 hours, not counting the breaks

Distance: 21km

Ground: gravel, asphalt

Starting point: centre of Kranj – Stara Sava parking lot


Map of the route: .gpx-format (download>> HERE)

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