Elegans, restaurant at the Brdo Hotel

Kulinarično zgodbo v Restavraciji Elegans Hotel Brdo piše chef Tomaž Kavčič. Na Brdu poudarjajo domače, lokalne in ekološke sestavine.

This restaurant of the renovated Elegans Hotel at the Brdo pri Kranju estate is open each day for both hotel guests and those who would like to enjoy their à la carte lunches and dinners.

The kitchen team strives to buy locally produced food and products. They believe that learning about local food, identity and heritage enriches their guests’ experience and this is what develops an added value of local products.

The hotel restaurant at Brdo skilfully incorporates its own and local ingredients into the creation of menus. They follow the motto: local, seasonal, high quality, house-made.

The chef is Janez Šetina, whose genuine creativity caters for the most demanding guests from all over the world, at all state visits and also in the restaurant of the Elegans Hotel.

At Brdo, they are convinced that fine cuisine and flavours are created where there is harmonious cooperation between people and nature. This belief is confirmed by the Slovenia Green Cuisine environmental label.

Their emphasis on organic food is also reflected in how carefully they treat the food products, while encouraging guests to reduce food waste.

The restaurant also hosts a very popular Sunday brunch and once a month, it offers themed culinary experiences.

: Elegans hotel Brdo, Predoslje 39, 4000 Kranj (google maps)

Opening hours: open dails, 7.00 – 22.00

00 386 4260 10 00
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Photo author: Dean Dubokovič

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