Jezersko route

Jezersko was the first one in Slovenia to be declared a mountaineering village, and rightly so, as both glacial valleys are dotted with romantic meadows and offer countless opportunities for activities in a truly pristine mountain environment.

In Kranj you first cross Maistrov trg, cycle past the Brdo park and then downhill and along Kokra River to Preddvor. Make a short stop at Lake Črnava and then you are already on the road that winds through a narrow valley to Jezersko all the way to the state border with Austria. In Zgornje Jezersko, turn towards the Planšar Lake. A refreshing stop in the shade with the good food you can get here is warmly recommended. If you have some time, you can visit the source of the healing water of Jezersko. They say that one should not drink more than 2 decilitres of it in one day, that’s how potent it is. Turn back the same way through the valley. When you reach Šenčur and cross the only cycling motorway overpass in Slovenia, you can already see the skyline of Kranj from here and can be sure that you will soon indulge in some refreshing drinks and good food.

Length: 76 km

Uphill: 603 m



Sights on the way

Učna pot ob Kokri






Planšar Lake


Route map (.gpx format) download HERE.

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