Škofja loka route

The old town of Škofja Loka is like a painting come to life. From some forgotten time and from the present. The medieval streets have so many good stories, romantic views and handicraft secrets that they will have a long-lasting impression on you.

After you’ve crossed the bridge over the Kokra River canyon, turn right and cycle over the Sava bridge called Delavski most into Stražišče and from there to Sedlo close to the hill of Jošt. Then descend into the Selca valley and turn towards Bukovica and from there to Stari vrh, a popular ski resort. The ride uphill is quite long but it has some magnificent views. From Javorje, cycle downhill to the Poljane valley. Cross the Poljane Sora River and cycle the gravel path to the Tavčar Manor in Visoko. From Visoko to Škofja Loka, you’ll have to focus on safe cycling, as this section is busy with cars. Škofja Loka, where you’ll arrive quite soon, is a town that is more than 1000 years old. From here, you cycle back to Kranj through Crngrob and along the edge of the fields and villages.


Length: 64 km

Uphill: 930 m




Sights on the way

Tavčarjev dvorec Visoko


Staro mestno jedro Škofja Loka


Loški grad



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