Jeprca Teacher Trail – canyon of Zarica

The trail connects settlements and picturesque places on the terraced terrain of the conglomerate rock that rises above the right bank of the Sava River and its canyon. Natural and cultural sites are presented on this trail and they can be seen in a half hour at a moderate walking pace.


Throughout the Kranj-Medvode route, the Jeprca Teacher Trail is designed as an interpretive walking trail along the Sava River. The section in the Zarica gorge runs along the canyon in the upper (northern) part, bypassing some private properties and then continuing on public roads and through Drulovka to the church in Breg.

Map of the trail (.gpx format) can be downloaded HERE.

All roads existed before the trail, since the goal of the trail project was to equip the most attractive points with information boards, directional signs and benches. Book boxes containing free books are dedicated to the content of the trail, the poet Simon Jenko and the literary scholar Marija Borštnar, so the topic of reading is present throughout the trail. Since there are many beautiful ambients and lookout points along the way, they are ideal for reading literature.


The shape of the benches stems from the history of using the power of water especially for mills and the carving of millstones from the conglomerate rock. In several places in the gorge you can see the negatives where the millstones have been carved out. The benches look like positives of those millstones, but from another material, namely wood, since it is warmer and more comfortable to sit on. The information boards and signposts are similar in shape to other projects in the municipality of Kranj.


Starting point: Drulovka – parking

Destination: Breg ob Savi – church of the Mother of God

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: Suitable for all ages and children accompanied by adults

Markings: Well-marked trail

Type: Educational trail

Folder: download it HERE


Map of the trail: .gpx format (download >> HERE)

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