Natural places to swim

1. Kokra


During the summer months, the Kokra River offers excellent freshness on its many gravel beaches and in the rapids along the gorge, even right beneath the old town. Splashing into water is especially fun at Kosorep, where you can jump from large boulders into pools with deeper water. You can get there by bike or on foot. Go past the stadium and downhill to the bridge over Kokra, then over the meadow and through the forest where you can leave your bikes and follow the forest trails that lead you to the picturesque rocks of Kosorep.


2. Sava


The Sava River has extensive banks and terraces of pebbles. Kranj stands high above the confluence of Kokra and Sava and soon after that, the river runs through the 50 meters deep canyon of Zarica that it dug into the limestone conglomerate rock. In the summer months, the Sava is wonderful for cooling off and relaxing in nature. The river can be reached from the island or upstream in Struževo, at the lake of Trboje and on its many gravel beaches.


3. Čukova jama

Čukova jama

Čukova jama in Kokrica is one of the three lakes of Bobovek that emerged after people were digging clay here. Today it is a protected area and natural monument, a popular place for taking a walk, swimming in summer and ice skating in winter. Due to their paleontological, ornithological and other special features, the lakes are protected as natural sites.


Čukova jama is still pretty quiet and not many people bathe here, maybe because the water has the brown colour of clay, even though it is clean, since a stream flows into the lake and out of it. Already in springtime, the water is often warm enough to swim in, and the locals love to smear the mud on their bodies, so it’s quite normal to see mud people walking around the lake.


There is enough natural shade around the lake, and it is also possible to fish with an appropriate fishing license. The place is definitely worth a visit even if you do not intend to bathe here.


4. Lake of Trboje

Trbojsko jezero

The lake between Mavčiče and Kranj emerged when a dam was built for the Mavčiče hydroelectric power plant. So the pebble banks and rapids of the Sava southeast of Kranj were replaced by the Trboje Lake with the surface of one square kilometre area and the depth of 17 meters. This place has also another kind of a natural treasure, healing energy points that can calm you down, purify and have a healing effect on body and soul.


Visit the Trbojsko Lake for an active and unforgettable experience. At Superb center Trboje you can rent a stand up paddling board and paddle along the river accompanied by an experienced instructor – even all the way to Kranj through the gorge of Zarica. In the café Čolnarna Trboje, the idyllic and peaceful environment will calm your eyes and your mind.

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