Kranj culinary trio

In Gorenjska love goes through the stomach. In Kranj you can smell tasty food behind every corner – the crunchy bread, the succulent sausage, the delicious soup or sweet treats. Kranj chefs preserve the tradition, while adding a bit of modern creativity.

Kranj sausage, Kranj craft beer and Kranjski štruklji are a culinary trio, named after the city of Kranj. You can taste all three gastronomic creations in the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurants and bars in the historic town centre.

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The culinary trio of Kranj is being served at the tavern Gostilna Kot and the Kranj sausage is best at the Arvaj restaurant by the bridge and in the oldest tavern, Stari Mayer. Kranj craft beer is served in combination with the Kranj sausage at the Kranjska pivnica brewpub and the beer alone is available in many bars and pubs of Kranj.

Kranj sausage

Kranj sausage is the most typical national dish from the Gorenjska region, Carniola, and it has an interesting story from history to tell. When the Emperor Franz Joseph was travelling across the countryside of Kranj, called Carniola at the time, he was served these sausages by people who were embarrassed that they were not able to offer anything more exquisite.

But he exclaimed enthusiastically that these are no ordinary sausages, these are the sausages of Carniola – Kranj!

Kranjsko beer

Nowadays, the sausage goes very well together with the local craft beer Carniolan Beer (Kranjsko pivo), and you can try this combination at the Kranjska pivnica brewpub as well as in many restaurants.

In 1818, it was named after the Duchy of Carniola and was brewed under this name for almost 100 years. Then it disappeared for almost a century and finally had its comeback with the Brewery and Brewpub of Kranj.

Kranjski štruklji

Kranjski štruklji is a delicious dish for people with a sweet tooth. Its recipe was written down in 1868 by Magdalena Knafelj Pleiweis and this dessert that melts on your tongue has been served like this for over 80 years by the tavern Gostilna Kot.

Kranjski štruklji – recipe by Magdalena Knafelj Pleiweis

Ingredients (for 8-10 servings):

1,8 dl milk
1 egg
4 tablespoons of white flour
pinch of salt

2 egg yolks
white flour
5,3 dl milk or cream
20g raw butter
5 egg yolks
1 vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon of sugar
4 stiffly beaten egg whites
plum or apricot marmalade

2,5 dl sour cream
2 eggs

Use the dough to make thicker pancakes. Then take 2 egg yolks and flour to make some harder dough that you can grate using a grater. This grated dough is then cooked in milk or cream until it becomes thick. Let it cool down and then add soft butter, beaten egg whites and marmalade. Spread this filling on the pancakes, roll them and cut them into three pieces, place them into ceramic bowls and cover them with the sauce. Bake at 200 °C for 10 to 15 minutes. Serve hot.


Image authors: Miha Bratina, ZTKK