Tunnels under the old town of Kranj

1300 metres of tunnels are hidden under the historic town centre, built during WW2 and first used as shelters for the population of Kranj. But today, much more pleasant social events take place here.

The tunnels are home to rare species like cave crickets and cave orbweavers. Bats are also interesting, though very rare inhabitants of the tunnels; these night creatures fly more skilfully than any acrobatic plane and they even have some dinner during their flight. The underground tunnels got a natural patina through the years, real dripstones and in cold winters even icicles.

Get to know the networks of the underworld that are hidden under the historic town of Kranj and take part in our guided tour.

They were dug into the conglomerate rock that formed from the pebbles carried here by the rivers and in places without concrete these are easy to see. Occasional exhibitions are sometimes organized here. In two permanent exhibitions, you can see minerals and fossils and a reconstruction of the WWII bunker, in which you can even experience the simulation of an air raid.

Under the main square, the people of Kranj have a very special pool that was formerly used as a water cistern to put out fires. It is 3.5 meters deep, 4 meters wide and 30 meters long, filled with 310 litres of pure water! The fire brigade now uses more modern technology, so the cistern has lost its original purpose, but the next time you walk past the fountain, remember that you are standing above a pool.

  • Location: Tunnels under the old town of Kranj (google maps)
  • Monthly guided tours: Further information and reservations here
  • Contact: Tourism and Culture Board Kranj / tel. 00 386 4 238 04 50 / info@visitkranj.com

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